Therapy - At Home

Let's bring the best of both worlds together for you, in the comfort of your own home. This blend of holistic therapies and spa-like ambiance is meant to stay with you, so that long after you get up off of the table, you continue to feel a state of profound relaxation, renewal, and balance. Whether you are looking for pain relief, purely relaxation, increased flexibility or assistance with more specific health goals.

Get Fit - Outdoor & At Home

My sessions are motivating, varied and fun and bespoke to suit all fitness levels from beginners to advanced to give everybody great results. All sessions are designed to target every muscle in the body, workouts are made up of a mix of high and low intensity interval sessions which include: cardio circuits, strength & toning circuits, interval running, boxing, core training, games and more. 


''Fantastic massage from Michal. I was looking for a deep tissue massage and he was certainly able to do that. As my first ever massage I was somewhat hesitant about the whole thing but Michal was able to put me at ease further helping me relax and enhance the effectiveness of the massage. Thanks Michal!''

''I've now been to Michal for a few sessions for sports massage, the latest of which was due to a tennis induced painful back which i feared would put an end to my planned cycling trip around the Hebrides! However Michal aided my rehab with some good advice and excellent massage (even if it is a bit painful at times!). He's a friendly, cheerful guy too who puts you at ease and i would definately recommend him.''

''I had a one hour deep tissue massage with Michal and it was exactly what I wanted! He took time to talk through my aches and pains and I even got some advice on how to train and stretch my back at home. The massage was an actual "deep" tissue massage with the right amount of pressure. I felt an instant relief and full satisfaction from that massage. I am looking forward to become a regular customer as it is the best massage in Edinburgh I ever had!''


Massage is available by appoitment.  Please contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Contact information:
For more information please email or phone +44 (0) 782 859 8337.