Personal Training

30 min        £20.00
45 min        £25.00
60 min        £30.00

Personal training is professionally led exercise, focusing on individual needs and wishes of the client. With a personal trainer you reach your goals (for which you came to the fitness center) safely, efficiently and within the shortest possible time. Continuous monitoring and adjustment of your training plan, mentoring and motivation leads to the fact that you reach your goals more easily and more you will enjoy it. The essence of personal training is individual approach that respects your health, time, physical ability and many other requirements you have. You tell us your goal and we will help you to achieve it.                  

Personal training includes:

  • Initial analysis (including posture analysis)
  • Guidance and control
  • Regular evaluation
  • Ongoing development
  • Individual approach
  • Fun :-)

Do you think you do not have enough time to exercise? I have programs that allow you to use all the great benefits of exercise and still fit into your busy schedule. I offer not only a 60 min but also 30 & 45 min lessons.

Personal training is increasing in popularity, whether you are true beginner or an experienced athlete, just try something new to overcome stagnation. Do not waste money and time on ineffective methods or unnecessary products. Why not commit your hands to a professional trainer, who is continually educated in the field.