Pregnancy Massage 1 hour   £40.00

As well as being deeply relaxing and a lovely way to spoil yourself, pregnancy massage is also great for the emotional and physiological well being of both mother and baby.

As with regular massage, pregnant women experience numerous benefits from massage because of their changing bodies that put stress on the back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles.

Many studies show that women who receive regular massage throughout their pregnancies tend to have shorter labours with fewer complications. Studies have also shown that women who received massage as least twice a week before delivery had lower levels of stress hormones which reduced their risk of premature delivery and postnatal depression. 

Studies have shown that regular pregnancy massage can:
  • Muscular discomforts such as leg cramps during pregnancy, muscle stiffness, tension and knots.
  • Massage improves circulation and can therefore stimulate the flow of blood to these areas.
  • Muscular imbalance caused by postural changes.
  • Massage can help the lumbar region to regain balance and relieve discomfort.
  • Sciatic pain during pregnancy can be caused by a tight buttock muscle. Massage can help to relax this muscle and relieve the pain caused by the pinched nerve.
  • Headaches and sinus pain - Massage of the face, neck and shoulders can help to alleviate sinus pressure and headaches caused by tension.
  • Swelling/oedema - Massage will improve circulation and lymph flow to the affected areas.
  • Encourage better sleep
  • Lower levels of stress hormones
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Reduce fluid retention
  • Improve fetal nourishment
  • Improve mood, reduce anxiety
  • Enhance health and nourishment of the skin
  • Boost energy levels
  • Calm body and mind

As a fully qualified pregnancy massage therapist, I am able to offer a massage that will melt away those aches, pains and stresses which can develop during pregnancy, ensuring the muscles are relaxed and the body is prepared for labour.

The form of massage used is a gentle and relaxing Swedish oil based massage. Treatment is adapted to each stage of your pregnancy and designed specifically for you. Every person and pregnancy is as unique as the treatment that you will receive!

The first appointment will be slightly longer than subsequent 1 hour treatments as a consultation will be taken. You will be asked questions about your pregnancy, current symptoms and your pre pregnancy health. Holistic treatment looks at a person as a whole and you may therefore also be asked questions around your sleeping patterns and your emotions.

Following the consultation I will create your unique massage plan in order to nourish you and your baby. Although I do pay particular attention to any areas of discomfort, you will receive a full body massage.

The massage itself is generally performed with you lying on your side (your head, knees and baby bump will be supported), in a seated position, or laying face down in my special pregnancy bump bag! The bag is loosely filled and therefore moulds around your bump making it very comfortable.


Do I need to tell my midwife that I am booking a massage?
Yes, You have to consult with your Midwife or GP you are going to undertake Preganncy massage service prior to receiving any treatment. I will send you Medical release form which needs to by sign by your Midwife or your care provider durig your pregnancy.
How long and how much is treatment?
The initial appointment including a consultation is approx 1 hour and 10 minutes. Subsequent treatments are 1 hour. Cost of massage is £35.
Can I receive massage during the first trimester?
Unfortunately no. it's not recomended to carry out any treatment during the first trimester (12weeks).
When is massage not suitable?
If your pregnancy is classed as ‘high risk’ written consent should be obtained from your GP or Midwife. If there is a history of miscarriage or any spotting, massage should be avoided until after the 4th week of the second trimester.
During the first trimester.
It is best to avoid a large meal prior to your treatment.
How can massage help me and my baby?
Massage can help the muscles to relax allowing blood and energy to move more freely, leading to better circulation which keeps blood flowing to both mother and baby. It can also decrease swelling and increase energy levels.
Pregnancy is often a time when sleep can become disturbed and difficult, massage can help you to release tension, relax, sleep better and have a general feeling of well being. Your relaxed body is a great environment for your baby and many women find that it can help you to connect with your pregnant body and bond with your baby.
Can massage be used if I am overdue or in labour?
Pregnancy can be stressful and when delivery is overdue, the body can become more tense and essentially delay labour further. Massage can help by allowing you to relax and deepen your breath. As your muscles relax and release, the body will find itself in a place where labour can feel safe and begin naturally.
Yes massage can be used during labour. In the early stages, persistent lower backache is quite common and massage can help to alleviate pain allowing you to cope more comfortably.
Will I need any treatment after I have had my baby?
The 6 weeks after childbirth is a time of recuperation for your body and it can be a very emotional time. A dramatic shift in hormones can cause symptoms such as fatigue, changes in mood and anxiety, all of which massage can benefit. It is a time of also adapting to life with your new baby and post partum massage can be a little time just for you.