Deep tissue massage

Dan Shanahan 06/05/2014
Fantastic massage from Michal. I was looking for a deep tissue massage and he was certainly able to do that. As my first ever massage I was somewhat hesitant about the whole thing but Michal was able to put me at ease further helping me relax and enhance the effectiveness of the massage. Thanks Michal! Dan

Sports Massage

Johnny C 15/04/2014
I've now been to Michal for a few sessions for sports massage, the latest of which was due to a tennis induced painful back which i feared would put an end to my planned cycling trip around the Hebrides! However Michal aided my rehab with some good advice and excellent massage (even if it is a bit painful at times!). He's a friendly, cheerful guy too who puts you at ease and i would definately recommend him.

Sports massage

Alison Fleming 06/04/2014
I always feel better after a sports massage from Michal - a bit painful at times (!) but also very relaxing. Michal always asks about aches and pains and how my training is going and amends his approach to suit. Very reliable too. Would recommend.


RWatson 02/04/2014
Very helpful sports massage following running the half marathon

Broken shoulder Fixed

Umer Tahir 02/04/2014
Michal has helped my sore shoulder to bring it back on track as it becomes quite sensitive after playing cricket.
Michal has given me some stretching exercise which will hopefully help in the future. His sports massage techniques are quite good and your would instantly feel blood circulation in the area. I would certainly recommend Michal for not only sports massage but also for a personal training.

Re: Broken shoulder Fixed

michal barvik 02/04/2014
Hi Umer, I am glad to hear you're feeling better . It may feel better but It still needs some time to heal so just take it easy for a week or two before you gonna perform 100% again. See you. Michal

Deep tissue massage

Alessa 02/04/2014
I had a one hour deep tissue massage with Michal and it was exactly what I wanted! He took time to talk through my aches and pains and I even got some advice on how to train and stretch my back at home. The massage was an actual "deep" tissue massage with the right amount of pressure. I felt an instant relief and full satisfaction from that massage. I am looking forward to become a regular customer as it is the best massage in Edinburgh I ever had!

Re: Deep tissue massage

michal barvik 02/04/2014
Thank you for a very nice feedback. I'm taking some paternity leave for about 3 weeks from 15th April. If you would like to come before just contact Bodyworks. I'm sure they'll find some free slot in my busy schedule:-) Thanks again. MB


Laura Mackintosh, Gym Member, Onespa, Sheraton 21/07/2013
Michal is an excellent trainer, both motivating and positive. He will focus on your area of need, i.e. weight lose or fitness and is inspiring and enthusiastic. Michal is also really great company and so getting in shape feels fun instead of hard work. Going to they gym four or five times becomes a bonus when you're training with Michal, instead of a slog.

Personal Training

Gail Manchester 30/10/2012
"I've been working with Michal since the start of the year, mainly in preparation for a charity walk I was taking part in over the summer. Michal set up a long term plan for me, advising on both indoor and outdoor training as well as nutrition. During my training I experienced a lot of pain in my calves and due to his experience in sport injury, Michal was able to give me lots of help and advice."

Endurance training

Christian Poziemski 23/10/2012
"I have been working with Michal for six months now on a programme specific for endurance sport. I cannot recommend Michal highly enough. He is very knowledgeable and enthusistic about his work."

Personal training

Amila Jayawardhana 21/10/2012
Michal is exceptional at what he does. In his very personably ways, he is quick judge how to motivate you to achieve your own health & fitness targets. His creativeness meant that no two workout sessions were the same, yet he works you just enough for you to look forward to the next session. Before I started with Michal, I was convinced my scale was broken as it never budged! But his practical advice on nutrition, and his "theme-based" PT sessions made me realise it was not the scale, but me! Michal's session's are always fun, and you keep wanting to go back for more. I wish Mike all the very best in his future endeavors.

Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa member

Suzanne Trew 01/10/2012
“Michal is an excellent trainer - he constantly pushes you to do more than you ever would have thought possible, but without it being "too much". As well as being very pleasant and personable, Michal gets results by with both expertise and motivational techniques” October 1, 2012

ONE Spa member

Keith McLaren 28/09/2012
Michal has a great attitude to his work and I would have no hesitation in recommending him. He is approachable, friendly but also pushes for results. I have training in the past elsewhere which I have not enjoyed but I look forward to sesssions with Michal. He pushes me but makes sure I enjoy it. Good guy!

One Spa member

Kathryn Tomlinson 28/09/2012
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michal for personal training. He is extremely knowlegeable which ensures that you get the results you are after. He makes you work extremely hard but keeps it fun so every training session is enjoyable.

Michal will keep you going!

Don Galloway 25/09/2012
Known Michal for nearly 4 years at the Edinburgh Sheraton… and he has been very motivational for me. Never accepts that you can’t do another couple of reps even when you think you’re done in (and he’s right!). I turned 54 this year and the gym can get a bit boring… I use Michal to keep me motivated and engaged.

Personal training sessions

Kate & Mike - One Spa members 21/09/2012
Thanks for your great work with the both of us over the last few months.

Work hard, not hard work!

Scott Thomson - One Spa Member 12/09/2012
Having played sport all my life, I have always been fairly useless in actually getting to the gym unless the physio has instructed me. My mindset was always gym is boring & sport is fun (as long as you are winning). Michal has changed this completely. Michal's sessions are hard, make no mistake, but dull they are not. Michal instinctively knows how to work you to your maximum on the day. This has given my performance a boost, but most importantly, injuries are now down and recovery is quicker.

Michal gave me the kick start I needed.

P. Ellis, Sheraton Gym Member 09/09/2012
If you are ever in Edinburgh and need a training session either outside or at the gym - Give Michal a call, excellent personal trainer.

Michal knows how to deliver results!!!

George S. - One Spa Member 09/09/2012
Michal is a positive, smiley person, with enthusiasm, focus and commitment to help you transform your life. His ability to see the potential in you and bring it out in order for you to move forward from being 'unfit' to a 'fit and healthy' mindset and body set has been inspiring. It has been hard work that I could not have done without Michal's motivation and encouragement and one to one input. With my individually tailored personal training plan, I now feel re-energised, healthier, happier and more confident in life in general.

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